Techromatic Incorporated is officially

Made in NY and proud of our contributions to the NY tech and digital community.


   Strategic Consulting

Let our IT industry thought leaders analyze your business and workflows and pair you with the technologies that best fit your company's needs.

   Technology Support   

We offer support solutions that keep your systems running, avoid downtime, and offer help when you need it. We are the IT department your company needs.

Helpdesk & End-User Support


Introducing Techromatic Business Care: 

a better way to do IT

Business Care is our IT Support solution designed to give today’s businesses the power to easily master IT.

Techromatic Business Care addresses a range of IT needs, including computer maintenance, and technical support for problem-solving and project management.

Helpdesk & End-User Support

Get a lifeline from our help desk and solve problems right away, before they become headaches. Give your team the confidence of knowing the help they need is always there for them.

  • Email and phone access to enterprise-class IT technicians thru our helpdesk ticket system

  • Support for most IT solutions, including products and services from Apple, Google,  and Microsoft

  • Onsite and offsite support available

Systems Management

Increase employee uptime and efficiency by ensuring all your computers are up to date, freshly maintained, and free of viruses and malware. Eliminate costly IT support fees due to sloppy systems.

  • Install security updates and bug fixes

  • Performs ongoing computer maintenance

  • Reduces software crashes and errors

  • Keeps system performance at optimum levels

  • Provides asset management tracking

  • Managed Antivirus ensures all systems have up to date anti-malware software

  • Managed Backup.  We'll worry about your backup so you don't have to

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We know how seriously a data breach can affect your business. Techromatic provides solutions to keep your information safe, reduce risk, and protect your business. 

We will help you create a security strategy to protect you from threats,

both internal and external.  

Cyber Security

Email: Security, Retention, and Continuity

  • Completely eliminate Spam, Phishing, and emails with malicious payloads

  • Domain-wide email retention and bottomless archiving

  • Make sure email stays up, even when your email provider goes down

  • Send secure/encrypted emails

  • Send large attachments through email

  • Avoid CEO fraud and other targeted email threats

Regulatory and Compliance

  • Federated e-discovery search and legal hold

  • 100% SLA email availability

  • 99% SLA anti-spam

  • Safe file conversion with sandboxing

  • Breach response plan

Risk Reduction

  • Monitor the network for insider threats

  • Web content filtering to help keep employees focused on their jobs

  • Employee activity and productivity monitoring

  • Never lose an email again

Security Risk Assessments

  • Gain a true understanding of the internal and external cyber risks in your organization

  •  Easy to read reports and worksheets make it business friendly

Written Information Security

  • keep all your people rowing in the same direction when it comes to knowing your firm’s Cyber Security posture

  • Cyber Security portal allows customers to keep track of policy changes and acknowledgement reports

Cyber Security awareness training

  • Train your staff on how to avoid common cyber mistakes

  • Try and trick your staff with our simulated phishing emails, and see who needs more training

  • Weekly micro training thru email will keep your people attentive to threats that can harm the company

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

  • Technical audit of your network security performed by a cyber security expert

  • Find out exactly what systems need what additional controls

  • Reduces your company’s exposure to cyber risk

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CIO Services

Multiply the value you get from your IT department with a part-time, experienced CIO to help manage every aspect of your IT:
Strategy, Network and Server Management, and End-User Support. 

What does a Fractional CIO do?

Why do you need a Fractional CIO?

Risks of not having a Fractional CIO:

​Our engineers will configure your firewall to meet industry security standards, allowing you to access corporate data safely and securely from anywhere in the world from any device.

Firewall and VPN installation

​Got multiple offices? No problem. Techromatic will configure your servers to stay in sync, giving high speed access to local users and providing information resiliency across your organization.

Multi-office servers

Our cloud experts will migrate your file server to the cloud, making it easy to access your important files from anywhere.  Great for distributed teams or virtual offices.

Cloud File Storage

​Let us virtualize your servers giving you a more sophisticated, resilient, and scalable approach to managing multiple servers.

Virtual Servers