with the NYS SHIELD Act by March 21, 2020 or face significant fines.

Techromatic helps companies comply

with the NYS SHIELD Act

Does the NYS SHIELD Act apply to your business? SHIELD applies to your business if:

  • You are a NYS Employer

  • You collect private information on a NYS resident

  • Your business is currently NOT regulated by the GLBA, HIPAA/HITECH, or the NYS 23 NYCRR Part 500

What data is covered by the NYS SHIELD Act?

  • If your business collects “private information” on a NYS resident

Techromatic CyberShield helps firms comply with the NYS SHIELD act by:

  • conducting annual Security Risk Assessments (SRA)

  • providing executive summary report of cyber risks, ranked by severity

  • development of work plan based on results of SRA

Techromatic CyberShield creates and maintains Written Information Security Policies (WISP)

  • Develop WISP based on SRA

  • Helps with disaster recovery and emergency operations planning

  • Manage passwords and online identities policies

  • Collect and document employee acknowledgement of WISP

Techromatic CyberShield helps businesses meet and comply with their regulatory requirements, including the NYS SHIELD Act

  • Performs regular cyber security risk assessments

  • Creates a work plan

  • Develops Written Information Security Policies (WISP)

  • Conducts cyber security awareness training for all staff

  • Requires 3rd party service providers to implement cyber security measures

  • Creates backup and restore planning guide

  • Helps develop Disaster Recovery and Emergency Operations plans

  • 12 month subscription to our CyberShield online portal

Techromatic CyberShield conducts ongoing cyber security awareness training

  • Annual annual cyber security awareness training course

  • Training quizzes

  • Weekly micro training

  • Monthly training newsletter

  • weekly simulated phishing campaigns

Comply with the NYS SHIELD Act by March 21, 2020 or face significant fines.