Risks of not having a Fractional CIO:

Techromatic IT solutions fractional CIO consultant competitive advantage

Lose the competitive advantage that a high-level IT thinker can bring to the table.

Techromatic IT solutions fractional CIO consultant long term costs savings

Missing out on BIG medium to long term cost savings.

Techromatic IT solutions fractional CIO consultant workforce productivity

Workforce is less productive than it could be.

Techromatic IT solutions fractional CIO consultant data security policies

Consistent data security policy across all network resources may not be identified.

We Help Businesses Meet DFS 23 NYCRR Part 500 Compliance Requirements

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What is 23 NYCRR Part 500?

In 2017, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYS DFS) released a set of cyber security requirements for industries that it supervises, mandating robust cyber security programs that are certified with New York State.

These regulations acknowledge the ever-growing threat posed to financial systems by cyber criminals, and are designed to ensure businesses effectively protect their customers' confidential information from cyber attacks.

23 NYCRR Part 500 requires all Financial Services companies to be subject to minimum standards with respect to their cyber security programs. This includes conducting regular security risk assessments, keeping audit trails of asset use, providing defensive infrastructures, maintaining policies and procedures for cyber security, and creating an incident response plan.

Each violation can incur fines of  $2,500 per day!

Maintaining this level of cyber security compliance may seem complicated and expensive. It doesn’t have to be.