Businesses are affected by 23 NYCRR Part 500 if they are supervised by the NYS DFS. These financial institutions include mortgage brokerages, investment firms, insurance agencies, and  licensed lenders.

This regulation also applies to “Third Party Service Providers." These include companies doing business with New York financial institutions and accessing its sensitive information (ex: law firms and accounting firms).

Which Businesses Are Affected?

You May Qualify For A Limited Exemption!

What Are The Requirements?

Cyber Security Risks

To identify and assess internal and external cyber security risks that threaten the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data.

Cyber Security Policies and Procedures

To implement infrastructure, policies, and procedures, so during a cyber security event an organization can detect, respond to, recover from, and appropriately report it.

Here is a Partial List of Requirements

  • File annual certification of compliance with NY State

  • (first submission by  February 2018)

  • Perform regular Security Risk Assessments, and create and execute remediation plans

  • Document all processes and procedures related to cyber security

  • Create a written incident response plan

  • Conduct regular cyber security training

  • Monitor all assets and maintain a full audit trail

  • Implement administrative, physical, and technical controls

Businesses Need To Meet DFS 23 NYCRR

Part 500 Compliance Requirements!

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