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IT Strategy and Cyber Security

Our certified Cyber Security experts will help you design a comprehensive Cyber Security Program for your business

Network / Server Management

Keep your network and servers performing optimally. Our engineers will design, install, and manage your core IT infrastructure

Helpdesk and

End-User Support

We have an in-house team of IT strategists and technicians that solve problems right away, before they become headaches


IT Strategy and Cyber Security

We'll create a robust Cyber Security program for your company, that helps keep hackers out and regulators happy. Our full suite of cyber offerings are perfect for companies who need Cyber Security help, but don’t need a full time CIO.

Cyber Security Program

A Security Risk Assessment is designed to highlight the cyber risks in your organization so that we can reduce/eliminate/accept those risks based on your tolerance

Develop a complete set of Cyber Security Policies & Procedures, to keep everybody on the same page with the company’s stance on Cyber Security

Train your staff to recognize phishing scams, have good password hygiene, and keep viruses out of your network

Implement encryption to keep your data safe and your email communications confidential.



Servers are continually monitored and regularly hardened with system patches. Managed anti-virus solutions for servers and workstations combine with active network scanning technologies to keep your business data safe.


Our engineers design systems so that your data is always there for you, when and where you need it. Smart user access policies ensure people have access only to the
appropriate data. Single sign on for VPN and Servers mean users only have to remember one password.

Active Network

Activate the “work” in Network. Techromatic installs secure networks that scans all incoming and outgoing data for viruses and malware. Additional intrusion detection and cybersecurity layers keep you a few steps ahead of the hackers.


Backups may one day save your business. Techromatic makes them a priority now, before a disaster happens. We will design and implement a combination of local and cloud backup systems that are secure and easy to restore.

Network/Server Management

Let our experts design, install, manage, and maintain your core IT infrastructure.

Your network. Working better.

Lower downtime, and ensure your network resources are available when and where needed.​​​

Get back up and running faster after a disaster.

Keep your network secure so your data stays in and hackers stay out.

Ensure your servers stay up to date with the latest security patches and fixes.


Helpdesk and End-User Support

Our NY based team of Helpdesk engineers can help
your users solve any IT problem.

End-User Support is the bread and butter of many IT departments. A Helpdesk’s ability to process incoming issues promptly, have clear communication with customers, and resolve problems quickly is essential to keeping a workforce productive. Techromatic maintains an in-house team of NY-based IT strategists and technicians that will solve problems right away, before they become headaches. Give your team the confidence of knowing the help they need is always there for them.

Simple and predictable pricing model

Access to customer portal to report, track, and update tickets

Critical OS, antivirus, and security patch management

With a simple and affordable pricing model, Techromatic can bring the power of a full-stack, scalable IT department for your business. Let your headaches become our challenges, and let our friendly and talented Helpdesk staff get your users back up and running again. 


Satisfaction guaranteed!

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